On Thursday, we hosted Digital Leaders from five different schools within the Arch Alliance to celebrate the end of this year’s Digital Leader Programme.

Throughout the day, children took part in a Lego Robotics workshop with Junior Stem and used their programming skills to activate their Lego figures. Thank you to Nick, from Junior Stem, for today’s session and for making our Lego projects come to life!

Digital Leader Kids Meet

In the afternoon, children also delivered their end of year presentations, played quizzes and shared their words of wisdom about being a successful Digital Leader.

Well done to Amy, Elliot, Piper, McKenzie, Oliver, Ruby and Autumn for participating in, and completing this year’s programme.

But their hard work is not over yet – they have already started the recruitment process for next year’s digital leaders. If you are interested in applying, please see one of them or Miss French for an application form.


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