Story Craft

This week in our story craft club we read the story ‘Whatever Next’. We made our own rockets to fly to the moon on and then had a go at making a giant rocket in the construction area. We counted backwards from 10 to blast off into space.

Story Craft Club

We read the story ‘Aliens love Underpants’ this week in our story craft club. The children talked about their favourite underpants that the cheeky aliens stole and designed their own using lots of different craft materials. The children spent time making their underpants as colourful and interesting as possible!

Children this week have enjoyed designing and making houses using a variety of materials. They have used bricks and tools, sticks and shredded tissue paper. We discovered that the brick house was the strongest, we did this by blowing them and seeing which one was the hardest to blow down. Read more…

The Three Little Pigs

We have been reading the Three Little Pigs in nursery and the children are really enjoying it! They are starting to repeat phrases from the story and answering questions about the story such as, “which house did the wolf blow down?” “which house was the strongest house?”

We Made a large house outside out of the bricks, the children pretended to be pigs and the wolf saying phrases such as “little pig, little pig let me come in!”

The children have also enjoyed making pig faces, independently placing facial features in the correct places.

We have re-enacted the story using the puppets and theatre stand. Also, children have independently re-enacted the story in the home corner and role play areas.

We have had lots of fun so far reading about the Three Little Pigs.


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