Typing at the ready!

This half term class 8 are focusing on typing in Computing. We have been learning about the correct posture and position when working on a computer or laptop. This past week we have been looking at the bottom row home keys and how we can try our best to use Read more…

Performance poetry

We have been studying The Sound Collector by Roger McGough and having a go at performing I front of the class the poem using actions. We really tried hard with our volume and our facial expression! Miss Marshall was so impressed 🙂

Creating bar charts

Today as part of our statistics learning journey we have been looking at bar charts and interpreting data. We had a go at creating a bar chart and writing questions for other members of the class to answer.    

Class 8 are preparing for battle!

  As a celebration for completing our Roman topic in Linked Learning, we created a Roman armour ready for battle! Thank you to all parents and friends that donated lots of cardboard, without your support it wouldn’t have been possible to have such a creative (messy) afternoon 🙂

Mosaic madness!

Check out our Roman mosaic masterpieces! We have been working hard and have been experimenting with different colours and sizes. We are now making our final product by cutting and sticking lots of ‘tiles’. It’s a very messy yet creative afternoon! 

Spreadsheet fun!

On Friday we had a look at how to create a spreadsheet and collect data. We decided to do collect an array of data. We had a look at everybody’s favourite fast food place and also how we get to school. We then colour coordinated the data and worked together Read more…

Roman research!

Today we have been working together to find facts about Roman children. Miss Marshall gave us some questions to answer and we used the child friendly search engine ‘KidRex’ to find the answers. We discovered that through KidRex we found it easier to answer the questions as everything is designed Read more…

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