Science investigation

Class 13 have been learning about Light this half-term.

As part of this topic, we investigated Isaac Newton’s discovery that light is made up of a spectrum of colours. Once you slow down the light waves, you are able to see the individual colours that make white light.


We made our own wheels of colour and spun them quickly to demonstrate Newton’s theory. (more…)

Power Maths

Class 13 have been enjoying using Power Maths for our Maths lessons this year. Today, we practically explored representations of square and cube numbers using a range of resources. We noticed how they are visually different and understand why the cube of a number is larger than the square of Read more…

Welcome back!

Welcome back to Year 6! This week has been a busy one. We have been voting for class representatives for PLT and applications for prefects, Sports Leaders and Eco Commitee have opened (deadline Friday 13th September). We have discussed our role as Year 6 and are looking forward to becoming Read more…

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