High School Visit

Today we spent the morning at Siddal Moor High School. We had a music lesson where we got to develop our keyboard skills and perform individually to the class. After this we had a geography lesson. We really enjoyed learning more about our classmates and which countries they have visited Read more…

Making memories!

As we are busy in our final term of the year, Class 12 are beginning to feel quite nostalgic about their time at Harwood Park – particularly Year 6! We love making memories together and we are enjoying every second of our final term in Class 12.

Blackpool Zoo!

The children in Class 12 and 13 had an amazing trip to Blackpool Zoo! We saw lots of different mammals, birds and reptiles – we even got to watch the sealion show! The children were excellent, and a real credit to our school. Take a look at our pictures below.

Jelly babies!

Today our grammar lesson was all about one of the yummiest sweets ever.. Jelly babies! We had to write a number of different sentences which included a variety of grammatical features (and super vocab). We worked really hard being super creative, and even sang a song about jelly sweets at Read more…

Arithmetic Orienteering!

Class 12 made the most of the sun this week with an arithmetic orienteering challenge! With a map of the playground in hand, we had to find arithmetic questions hidden around the playground, and fill in our answer grid. We love arithmetic lessons!


Today wasn’t an ordinary arithmetic lesson… We played KABOOM! We were placed in groups and had to take it in turns to take a stick out of a pot. The stick had an arithmetic question on it. If we got it right we got to keep the stick for the Read more…

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